Coffee cart express was born in the spirit of festivals. Festival catering is not only what we know, it’s in our soul and it’s in our bones.




We provide professional, mobile catering kitchens satisfying the tastes of all- from carnivores to vegan cuisine, we’ve got it all.

Tastes from across the globe, stalls individually designed to be unique. Delivering and working to the highest standards in the industry. With years of experience under our belts, we are able to mobilise even at these difficult times


Outback Burger Grill: Nothing beats a good homemade burger, cooked on a sizzling grill. Our most popular is the Gourmet Beef Burger. We’re also known for our speciality meat burgers,from kangaroo, ostrich, buffalo to wild boar, hence why we chose the name Outback.

Outback Pulled Pork: Cooked low and slow, succulent pulled pork has become a staple of festivals and fairs. This is comfort food at its purest and healthiest. Marinated in a BBQsauce or served with homemade apple sauce and sage & onion stuffing on ciabatta bread.

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